We follow Horesta’s cancellation policy:

Cancellation of company events of more than 12 people must be made in writing within 4 weeks before the event, for company events of less than 12 people, however, only 2 weeks.

For larger events, Restaurant Norrlyst can demand a longer cancellation deadline, provided that a separate agreement has been made.

In the event of cancellation of the entire event or in the event of a reduction of more than 10% in the number of ordered envelopes after the above time, but within 6 days before the event is held, Restaurant Norrlyst may claim a refund corresponding to 50% of the price for the ordered envelopes. in number, however, for the canceled number in addition to 10%.

In addition, Restaurant Norrlyst may demand to be indemnified for expenses for specially agreed services that cannot be canceled (eg music, performances, etc.)

In the event of cancellation and any reduction in the number of envelopes ordered later than 6 days before the event, Restaurant Norrlyst may demand a refund corresponding to 75% of all services. At no show, full price is paid for the entire event.

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Cancellation policy – HORESTA