The more the merrier


The more the merrier – at Norrlyst we are experts on parties. No matter the occasion, we are ready to spoil you and your guests med outstanding food and cozy atmosphere in the heart of Copenhagen.

Norrlyst is the perfect place for you, who wants to have a taste of the life of the city as an integrated part of the party. You can choose anything from our menu or order our special event menu below. To ensure that everyone gets what they want, you need to let us know what you want to eat in advance. We need that information at least 7 days before the party, unless we have agreed on something different.

“When are you considered a party?” you might think, and the answer is, that if you are 9 or more, then we consider you a party.

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Lille Norrlyst is an intimate place where you can control the evening exactly as you want it.
The chef and the waiter are available only to you, and you take the whole evening at the pace you want. So there is no time limit on the length of one’s visit.

You can get the premises as private dining premises, ie without other guests if you are 8 people or more. If you have the premises to yourself, other exciting benefits come with it. For example, that you can control the music yourself, a welcome aperitif and snack at the house’s expense.
In short, gather your friends and let us pamper you and only you all evening with a guaranteed unforgettable evening!

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