Sourdough bread with whipped ramson butter //35

Homemade boiled chili peanuts // 40

Pickled eggs with truffle mayonnaise and freshly grated truffle //85

County // 70

Homemade Nordic Olives // 45

Homemade Gochugaru nuts // 30

Homemade Miso Nuts // 30

Pork rinds – plain or with wild garlic // 35

Cold dishes

Red pepper with marrow, garlic confit and parsley // 95

Stracciatella with wild garlic, capers and sourdough bread // 85

Roasted eggplant with walnuts and garlic, topped with pomegranate dressing // 95

Foie gras mousse and liver with Cognac on a potato waffle // 110

Cheese plate of the day with pickled green tomato chutney and toasted sourdough bread // 125

Charcuterie of the day with jam and toasted sourdough bread // 125

Hot dishes

Grilled Pimiento Cheese Toast // 120

“Corned beef”

on grilled sourdough with parsley // 165

Potato and crab // 150


Black pepper ice cream with olive oil and Rossini Black Label caviar // 175

“Ice Cream Float” bathed in sparkling wine // 100

All menus can be made pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan provided it is stated in advance