Opera Park

Plant - do not build

The Opera Park draws inspiration from several of the city’s green landmarks, from Frederiksberg Gardens and the Botanical Garden to the Landbohøjskolens natural and environmental science garden. In the Opera Park, small lakes and several lawns are created. The focus is on diversity and species richness. The four seasons are reflected in the planting, which will consist of both native plants and exotic elements. In total, the park will reflect six themes: The English Garden, White Nordic Forest, Red North American Forest, Oak Forest, Cherry Grove and Tropical Greenhouse in the center of the park.

The organically shaped greenhouse with restaurant will be the heart of the Opera Park. From here, the park’s paths and streams branch off. From the restaurant, visitors can follow the life and constant change of the park. In the center of the greenhouse is one of several entrances to the two-story underground parking garage. The greenhouse will be open during restaurant opening hours.