For the first time ever, we’re hosting an exclusive crayfish feast at Gemini. Weather permitting, we fill our large terrace with an unrivaled summer atmosphere and create a unique experience with a panoramic view of Sankt Jørgen’s Lake. Here you can enjoy your crayfish and other delicious dishes with a glass of cold white wine, rosé or maybe a cold beer instead? 

Behind the gastronomic considerations is a team with experience from e.g. Søllerød Kro, Kadeau and AOC – including Tore Forsting Hansen and Emil Eshardt-Nielsen. 

It’s a one-time event that will most likely not be repeated until next year, as the crayfish season is very limited. For this reason, the number of tickets is very limited, so be quick! 

Crayfish cooked with dill and pepper
Øland wheat bread with garlic and parsley
Salad of new Danish potatoes and salted almonds
Fresh celeriac from Kiselgården with smoked cream and aromatic herbs
Herbal cream, dill mayo & grilled lemon

// 645

Practical info
Tuesday d. 22/8
Tables can be booked in different intervals with arrival from 17:00-20:30
Gammel Kongevej 10, 1610 – Entrance from the sea side
In good weather, all guests will generally be seated outside.
In case of bad weather conditions, the event can be canceled or carried out under cover and by moving tables inside. If the event is canceled, the full amount will be refunded.