Wine tasting

We offer wine tastings at Oasis in all forms: for parties, corporate events and wine tastings for individuals who want to expand their wine knowledge.

Oasis invites you to wine tastings of all kinds. Imagine an evening where you and your friends dive into the world of wine, discovering new flavors, aromas and expanding your general knowledge of the field.

For companies looking for a unique twist on the traditional Christmas lunch or Easter dinner, we offer customized wine tastings. Experience a journey through carefully selected wines, delving into the history and characteristics of each bottle.

If your heart beats for a particular wine region – from the depths of Burgundy, to the powerful expressions of Rioja, to the Nebbiolo-filled landscapes of Piedmont – we’re ready to create a specialized tasting that matches your wishes.

And for those of you looking to attend a wine tasting without being a large group, we open our doors to you as an individual guest, couples or groups of friends who want to join a group of like-minded wine enthusiasts.

Oasis is our first wine bar in our small restaurant family, with several cozy rooms under one roof, we are well equipped for private wine tastings. This is the essence of private dining in the world of wine, where Nordic charm and architecture create the perfect setting for you and your guests.

This venue is ideal for a night out with family, friends, anniversary celebrations, corporate meetings, product launches or any special event that deserves a unique experience.