Restaurant Odette invites you to a wine tasting with 7 wines and 10 dishes!

D. 26/3-2024 at 18.00-22.00

Oh, how excited we are to present this day. We have teamed up with one of Denmark’s most recognized wine suppliers; Kjær & Sommerfeldt, which is home to one of Copenhagen’s most charming addresses, Gammel Mønt.

Together, we’ve done everything we can to design the absolute best evening for you with all it has to offer. Therefore, you will go through no less than 10 courses and 7 glasses of wine, where wine expert, Klaus Evald, will come by and go in depth with the choice of each wine. Here he will present what you will get in your glass, its immediate capabilities and why this particular wine has been chosen for the dish in question.


Padron in tempura and eggplant cream

Arancini, mushrooms and Karl Johan mayo

Sicilian olives, garlic and apple peel

Vitello Tonnato with tuna cream and capers

Tomato with ricotta and fermented berries

Endive with fennel, pine and pumpkin seeds

Bread on Øland wheat from Kornby Mill with garlic and thyme

Romaine from Kiselgården, wild garlic, mussel stock and green olives

Cavatelli with tomato sauce and stracciatella

Grilled pork, plums and cabbage from Kiselgården

Tiramisu, blueberry and mascarpone ice cream

Plus 8 carefully selected wines


Water w/o. soft drinks ad libitum

Before price: 1500 kr.

Price for friends of the house (42% discount):

870 kr.



In the evening we serve our 3-course menu.

The menu is always based on the seasonal ingredients and is full of contrasts that guarantee great tasting experiences in beautiful surroundings.