Served between 9:00 - 11:00

BMO 36
Sourdough bun
served with butter and “Gammel Knas”

Yogurt 60
Homemade yogurt with granola and seasonal compote

Choose from:
Orange Blossom

“Slowcooked” Organic Egg 70
Chive emulsion, mizuna and grilled sourdough bread

Greenhouse Avocado 70
Sourdough bread, avocado, lemon, olive oil and pumpkin seeds

Greenhouse Ricotta 70
Sourdough bread, ricotta, herbs and pickled mushrooms


Served between 11:30 - 15:00

Blackcurrant herring 95
– served on rye bread
Smoked sour cream, pickled onions, flower capers and biodynamic egg

Swedish hand-peeled prawns 125
– served on rye bread
Dill marinated cucumber, lemon and herbs

Potato 100
– served on rye bread
Roasted onions, pickled mustard seeds and chive cream

Steak tomato 110
– served on rye bread
Pickled tomatoes, “Gammel Knas” cream and roasted sunflower seeds

Chicken salad from Hopballe Mølle 120
– served on rye bread
Crispy bacon and pickled beech hats

Tatar of organic dairy cattle 120
– served on rye bread
Sesame, yuzu emulsion, wasabi and endive

Walnut ‘Mazarin’ 100

– dessert

Ice cream on walnut praline and green walnut syrup

All menus can be made pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan provided it is stated in advance

Morning & Lunch

In the morning, we welcome you with delicious classics as we all know and love them.

For lunch, we serve a variety of open sandwiches with our own innovative twist and interpretation.