Served Saturday & Sunday from 9:00 - 11:30

Yogurt 60

With Compote & Granola

Avocado 90

Sourdough bread, Fresh cheese, Pickled onions & Hazelnuts

Bread basket per person 30

Sourdough Bun, Sourdough Bread & Rye Bread w. Whipped butter

Favourites for the Bread Basket

Gammelknas from Arla Unika 35

Brie “Den Hvide Dame” from Arla Unika 35

Blue mould “Moonlight” from Arla Unika 40

Homemade Compote of the Day 15

Fresh cheese with chives 15

Avocado m. Sea Salt & Chili Flakes 40

Country ham 30


Served between 11:30 - 15:00

Spicy Herring 95
– served on rye bread
Smoked sour cream, red onion, flower capers
and apple

Cold Smoked Salmon 125
– served on rye bread
Fresh cheese with chives, cucumber with wild garlic, trout roe and wild herbs

Avocado 100
– served on rye bread
Fresh cheese, pickled shallots, roasted hazelnuts

Salt-baked Celeriac 110
– served on rye bread
Mascarpone, sorrel, smoked almonds and spring salad

Lemon Pepper Chicken 120
– served on rye bread
Wild herbs, kumquat crudité and crispy rice noodles

White and Green Asparagus 120
– served on sourdough bread
Ramsons emulsion, egg, pine crumble and wild herbs

Cheesecake ice cream with rhubarb, basil and oat crunch 100

Cake of the day 45

Little Four 22

All menus can be made pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan provided it is stated in advance

Morning & Lunch

In the morning, we welcome you with delicious classics as we all know and love them.

For lunch, we serve a variety of open sandwiches with our own innovative twist and interpretation.