Private Dining in Copenhagen

Number of guests: 6-14 persons

You’ll find Lille Norrlyst in the centre of Copenhagen in a bright and welcoming space, just 150 metres from our Michelin-recommended sister restaurant Norrlyst.

Lille Norrlyst is a private dining restaurant that provides a fantastic, intimate experience in the heart of Copenhagen. Here, you’re in charge. Whether you’re looking for a fast-paced evening or a quiet dining experience with room for deep conversation over the table, private dining at Lille Norrlyst is the obvious choice.

Our menu always follows the exciting menu at Restaurant Norrlyst, which is based on seasonal ingredients, as the food is also prepared in the Norrlyst kitchen. Our food is based on pure, green flavours from the best Nordic ingredients, sourced from local producers who guarantee the best organic and sustainable flavours.

Private dining at Lille Norrlyst is perfect for most occasions, with private dining in the centre of Copenhagen the options are open to tailor an experience exactly to your needs.