Michelin-recommended restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen

Bib gourmand restaurant since 2021

At our Michelin-recommended Restaurant Norrlyst, we offer dynamic dining experiences, using the best seasonal ingredients from local producers.

Our cuisine is based on classic dishes, which we innovate and refine in terms of taste, composition and appearance.

We are proud of our Michelin recommendation and see it as a tribute to the fantastic ingredients we work with from local producers and how our talented chefs create unforgettable experiences through them for our guests.

Our menu is versatile and always adapted to the seasons, based on what we find in the soil, on the trees and with sustainable farms. Good, clean ingredients play the central role in our dishes, and we believe the path to a sustainable Michelin experience starts with the respect we have for the great products we have in the Nordic countries.

We create an unpretentious, intimate atmosphere for our guests who can look forward to a Michelin-level experience that is accessible to all.