Kjærbølling's House



If you want to take advantage of Kjærbøllings Hus’ possibilities, you must book your event through the zoo. Of course, we are always available to help along the way.

We have designed various corporate and meeting packages, corporate events and private parties. However, we all know that no two companies are the same. So we can accommodate most things.


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Kjærbøllings Hus is named after the founder of the zoo, Niels Kjærbølling. In Kjærbøllings Hus there is room for everyone – reflected in the price, quality and space. We welcome Zoo guests in for delicious open sandwiches, cold drinks and, not least, a fantastic setting. The little ones get their own universe, but still with an eye for quality and ingredients. The house has space – if you need private parties, meeting catering, conferences, the house can customize exactly what you need.