All inclusive for 125 – per person

Hanging tomatoes from Toftegård and smoked mackerel

“Eclair” aromatic mushrooms and North Sea cheese

Beetroot from Palleshave and blackcurrants from summer 23

Hazelnut “choux” and rosehip

Tatar of organic dairy cattle and juniper berries from Bornholm 



Rossini Caviar “Gold Selection

Waffles with smoked marrow and sour cream

10g / 30g

250 / 500


Cheese & Charcuterie

Cheese board

4 Danish cheeses with crispy crispbread and pickled green tomato chutney



Charcuterie board

4 kinds of charcuterie and rillette with grilled bread, homemade jam and coarse mustard



A little bit of everything

3 Danish cheeses with pickled green tomato chutney

3 kinds of charcuterie and rillette with homemade jam and coarse mustard

Sprat No2 from Fangst with mussel emulsion and lemon

Grilled bread & crispbread



Canned food from Fangst

Grilled bread, mussel emulsion and lemon

Choose from:

Brisling No2

Heart clam

Faroese salmon

Rainbow trout


All menus can be made pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan provided it is stated in advance

Dining bar

When should I choose a dining bar?

You should if you want a laid-back evening with the opportunity to create the perfect setting. Here you can sit back and dive into our á la carte menu with a refreshing glass of wine, beer or cocktail.