Good ingredients and a cosy atmosphere are the focus.

About Restaurant Odette

Restaurant in inner city

You will find restaurant Odette in the heart of Copenhagen, in one of Copenhagen’s beautiful, listed 2-storey houses.

Odette is an unpretentious, intimate restaurant, where the taste, the good ingredients and the cosy atmosphere are in focus.

Our kitchen is dogma-free and Head Chef Andreas Andersen uses the best ingredients from Danish fields, farms and dairies, interpreted in a warm, southern European-inspired menu.

For us at Restaurant Odette, it’s all about creating the total experience. We have created a menu with great flavours, and unique dishes served sharing style. The premises ooze a cosy atmosphere, the service is attentive and personal, and the whole experience should be enjoyed at prices that everyone can afford.

Our kitchen

Our menu is dogma-free and created from our fundamental attitude that our dishes should be simple, but beautiful and tasty.
We always work with care for the environment and with sustainability in focus. We source our ingredients from small, sustainable farms – most of them local, others from Europe’s best producers, where all growing is done sustainably.

We have created a kitchen where we freely fuse flavours and impressions from all over the world, rethinking classic dishes from the best seasonal ingredients.

You can experience our open kitchen, where our skilled chefs work to create the best experience for you.

For lunch, we offer our 4-course, 3-course set menu, which is based on the best flavours from the evening menu.

You can also create your own menu and choose several exciting dishes from our a la carte menu.

For dinner we serve our 7-course menu over 4 courses. The menu is always based on the seasonal ingredients and is filled with warm notes, inspiring flavours and simply wonderful dishes.

Just like at lunch, you can also order from our a la carte menu in the evening and discover our exciting range of dishes.

Of course, we offer both our lunch and dinner dishes in a vegetarian version and with the possibility of taking into account allergens, food restrictions, etc.


Odette is the perfect restaurant for all types of parties! With our restaurant 2 floors, the possibilities are many.

If you have a large or small company, we have the perfect solution for your exact needs.

When you step inside Odette, you’ll experience a special, intimate atmosphere that invites you to cozy, social moments with great food.

We make a virtue of creating unique and unforgettable experiences, as well as professional settings for all types of company.

Our menus change with the seasons, so we always have the very best ingredients on the menu. In addition, you can compose your own menu with any options, as well as the drink packages that you want.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities of creating a unique day for you.