Growth House menu


Smoked sour cream with herbs, shallots, lemon and caviar
Served with blinis + 250


Palleshave radishes, miso and pine
Pickled glass cabbage with old crunch cream, pink pepper gel and wild Danish herbs
Bouquet garni with emulsion on smoked mussels and grilled onions


Tatar with green Madagascar pepper emulsion and beech hats

Sourdough bread with whipped rosehip/pumpkin butter and whipped chive/lemon butter

Potato confit with butter-poached lobster, currants, potato foam and separated lobster oil

Lange, grilled and pickled cucumber salad, pine nuts, horseradish and pine foam, chervil

Black pepper ice cream with olive oil

Cheesecake ice cream with rhubarb, basil and oat crunch
Growth House signature dessert
Rosemary ice cream in a white chocolate ball, buttermilk ganache, pear slices, warm pear sauce

+ 50

Price for snacks & menu 725

Price for wine pairing 4 glasses 425

Price for Champagne and wine pairing 4 glasses 525

All menus can be made pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan provided it is stated in advance


Væksthuset Menu is the ideal choice if you want to experience a universe of impressions and flavors created by our talented chef. 

Here, energy is put into the detail work and to provide the absolute best experience. We use only the best seasonal ingredients and put a lot of focus on creating dishes that are relevant and innovative.